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Welcome to our colorful world

This text would be translated by Google,
if you find serious errors, please write to me.
Creative things in all shapes and colors, materials and techniques are shown here.
This barn is not only full of fantasy and works of art,
Work is carried out here and new ideas and creations are created.
Whether wood, paper mache, fabric or other materials,
everything finds a use somehow.
If possible we try to recycle everything and somehow
continue or reuse.
Sometimes things that are thrown away turn into really small works of art.
What works in analog also applies to digital.
From texts, music, photos and videos, everything is included.
Old and new, or almost forgotten.
Simply everything that interests us about our colorful world.
Not much has a deeper meaning and
some things only become apparent after a long period of viewing.
We build and create all kinds of things for fun and events.
Imaginative costumes, decorative figures and creatures,
to stand, hang up or slip on.
In connection with technical aids arise
z. B. cool video clips or just great experiences to enjoy.
We look forward to suggestions and criticism as well as praise.

And now have a good time browsing our homepage.

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